Joan's on Third, Los Angeles. May 2018

Joan's on Third, Los Angeles. May 2018


it's just k-o, Ko. that's it. i promise.

keaux is my internet persona.

what do you do?
let's get the labels and career hoopla out of the way, shall we? i'm a journalist (i guess), but i prefer to think of myself as a writer. to me, it's about the power of words and storytelling, not me in a newsroom.  if you want more details, that's why we have LinkedIn

you can also read more about my work here.

i've moved too much to really have one. (from VA to NJ to high school in NH to a year in Cali to college in Atlanta to NYC to Paris.  but Mississippi's embrace has softened me enough to claim #therealphilly—yes, Philadephia is actually a city in The 'Sip.

studied history at Spelman, then got my master's in journalism at Columbia and Paris. now i'm back in The 'Sip full time, always plotting my next adventure (or degree). 

other stuff:
comments and critique are always welcome publicly and privately. you can find me by searching for "keaux" on Twitter and IG. 

emails, inquiries, love letters: ko@keaux.com.