komadic q&a

if you don't talk to yourself, you're a liar and/or you should really start.

leading by example, here are some questions i thought might arise and my responses to them. if i've left more to be desired, drop me a line in the comments below. 


q: where does the name "komadic" come from? 

a: my name is Ko. i grew up moving a lot. i don't associate with one particular place as "home," as is true with nomadic cultures. i married the two (ko + nomadic = komadic). they're very happy together. 

q: how many countries have you been to? 

a: i've been to 25 countries to date across four continents. 

q: how, sway? 

a: travel has always been important in my family. i also signed up for school trips & study abroad programs as often as they presented themselves. my middle school planned a trip for us to go to Paris. in high school i spent a summer in Rennes, France through School Year Abroad (SYA) and i did a community service trip to Nicaragua for my high school senior year spring break. then i did the Fall 2012 voyage of Semester at Sea where i sailed to 15 countries in a semester. my mother and i went on a (nightmare) mission trip to Honduras a few years ago. now, i live in Paris to finish my master's degree, and i've done some more travel from here. 



q: do you love travel? why? 

a: because. well first, let me back up and explain what traveling is to me. it's not always a glitzy vacation, but sometimes it absolutely is.

traveling to me is less about the individual, specific trips i've gone on, and more about the process of planning, budgeting, negotiating, packing, organizing, embarking, arriving, seeing, capturing, engaging, reflecting, and returning home. we go through these motions every time we leave the house, and it's important to acknowledge the little trips we take every day as we journey to become ourselves. this is why i love travel--it forces you to do these things in a more conscious way.  


q: isn't it expensive? how do you manage? 

a: look. things in this life cost money. i'm not going to lie, because there are enough travel/lux lifestyle blogs that do that. my family has put my dreams ahead of their own, and i thank them daily for that. but i'm also a scholarship/funding queen. there is money out there to get you to where you want to go--find it and spend it all. 

travel can be expensive as hell, but so can clothes and electronics. if you shop for flights and places to stay within your budget, you can manage. just like you manage to clothe yourself and pay your bills by finding what works within your means. i manage by not assuming things are out of my reach. that gets hard with social media--you see something tropical or european and you assume it's out of reach without doing any of the due diligence to discern what you can have. don't cheat yourself out of an experience without being thorough first. 

q: what's taken you so long to start a travel blog? and what do you hope it achieves?

a: travel for me is not braggadocious or something that should be thrown in others' faces. honestly, i've been looking for a way to carve out my niche. there's enough bloggers who demonstrate their travels and that is absolutely beautiful, i love them all, i'm always looking to follow more. but for me, especially since a lot of my travel has been made possible by educational programs and the generosity of my mother, i felt qualms about being boastful about something that is not the product of my own doing--it has taken a village. 

so with that in mind, i hope for this to be a platform where the concept of travel can be rethought, reorganized, and humbled in efforts to make it more inclusive and for people, maybe without passports or without the courage to board a flight, to realize that the world they see everyday matters and that they have a journey too. 


you can learn more about the "vision" here.