the komadic vision: 5 ways we've gotten travel all wrong

we've gotten travel all wrong.

me @ my Mississippi farm house fishing in the pond. 

me @ my Mississippi farm house fishing in the pond. 

in 2011, when i went off to college, my mother took all of our stuff and moved it to Philadelphia, Mississippi. that's been our home base ever since. 


Mississippi is a special place. many know of its bloody, racist reputation, or of the fact that it often places last the USA for health, education, and poverty. but it's absolutely opened my eyes to a different way of looking at travel. 


i've met people there who've never left the state let alone the county in which they were born. but these people have a breadth of experiences unique to their stories--from growing up in the segregated south to hunting for fun. but just because someone hasn't seen a lot of this world, it doesn't mean that that person hasn't journeyed.


this has only become truer the more i see of the world. i've met Moroccans who speak fluent French/Spanish because of colonization, but will never venture to those countries despite their being a 2 hour trip away. some of them lived in the mountains, some made handmade rugs, and they all had experiences that contributed to an amazing life journey, even if they hadn't traveled physically to many places. 


i've since realized that i've been looking at travel all wrong--like an elitist. how you travel, how you get from point a to point b represents the your life journey. don't we all travel a path? 


my vision with this blog is to open up a different way to see travel: judgment free and accessible. because the opportunities to wander and see new things exist all around us. 


simply, we've gotten travel all wrong...

here's why: 

  1. you can have a "get-up-and-go" attitude without ever booking a flight. 

  2. traveling is only as expensive as you make it. often times your flight can be your biggest expense. after that--it's on you to make it work. 

  3. traveling isn't always about going super far, it's about appreciating the small journeys we take everyday. 

  4. seeing as much of the world is a dream of mine, but it isn't a reality for most people. that doesn't mean you should feel like you're missing out on life if you fall into the latter category.

  5. an important part missing from the travel conversation is placing value on the unique experiences we've been through in our lives. no matter who you are, you've been places/in situations other people have not. 


that's my vision, welcome to it. the journey continues on the blog.