Brief But Spectacular

the “brief but spectacular team” from PBS News Hour came to interview me as part of a three-part series connected to my criminal-justice reporting in Jackson.

"There are literally…teenagers wasting away behind bars because adults can't figure out how better to serve them," says Ko Bragg, a reporter in Jackson, Mississippi, who focuses on how the media covers juveniles charged as adults. She says that experience can make a child feel that they are irredeemable. Bragg gives her Brief but Spectacular take on justice and journalism in Mississippi.


i was selected as a 2018-19 Reveal Investigative Fellow to better understand the paths of juveniles charged as adults in the state of Mississippi, where kids’ journeys through the adult system can include incredibly long pre-trial wait times or none at all depending on where they're arrested. Read more here

i was a 2018 "Bringing Home the World" Fellow through the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ). I went to Liberia in July 2018 to report on the current socio-political climate under George Weah, an international soccer legend and one of the country’s first presidents with no American heritage. Read more about the project that has a historical connection to Mississippi here. 

my first “big girl” job after grad school was at the Jackson Free Press, an alt-weekly in Mississippi’s capital city.

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